Internationally recognized in sports pathologies


JOSE LUIS PEREZ-NAVARRO CASTILLO is a University Specialist in Sports Traumatology (Extraordinary Prize of the 1st promotion), Master in Sports Traumatology (Honorary Enrollment), National Prize of the Spanish Society of Sports Traumatology (2007). Master in Valuation of Corporal Damage and Judicial Medical Expertise and Master in Outpatient Emergencies. 

Expert and Professor of Skeletal Muscle Ultrasound of the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine, with more than 80 training courses in medicine and sports as well as emergency traumatology, numerous participations and communications made at national and international conferences. Author of the first worldwide ever monographic book on Windsurf Injuries.

More than 90 certified courses


Expert and professor of Skeletal Muscle Ultrasound of the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine, with more than 90 certified courses in both medicine and sports and emergency traumatology and numerous presentations and communications made in national congresses and international Author of the first monographic book on Windsurf Injuries that was published in the world.

As it is defined: a village doctor


As he defines himself as country doctor, indefatigable worker and student, a lifelong athlete, always immersed in new projects such as the creation of a Medicine Unit currently , Traumatology and Functional Training for windsurfers and kitesurfers, pilot project that brings the world of sports medicine to high competition.

In this image the doctor is practicing one of his favourite sports.


Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine of Malaga in 1985.

Academic record of the degree with 7 honours, among which are surgery and traumatology and two outstanding. Remarkable and approved rest.

Internal student during the career of Prof. Don Carlos Vara Thorbek (Chair of surgery and traumatology.). Malaga.

Internal student in the department of traumatology of the Clinical Hospital of Granada during 1982 summer season

In the image we can see the doctor with his professor, Dr. Jose Fernando Jiménez


University Specialist in Sports Traumatology and Extraordinary Prize 1st Promotion (Studies of University Specialist in Sports Traumatology. (Spanish School of Sports Traumatology. UCAM -Murcia (2000-2001)Injury, Occupational

Official Master’s Degree in Sports Traumatology (Spanish School of Sports Traumatology. UCAM. Murcia (2007-2008). (Global honors enrollment qualification)

Master in Valuation of Bodily Disabilities and Expertise Judicial Medic, Institute of Medical and Legal Sciences of Granada (2005/2006)

Master in Outpatient Emergencies, Integrated Processes Care, University of Cádiz (2015/2016)

National Award of Sports Traumatology 2007 (Spanish Society of Sports Traumatology ( SETRADE) .Valencia. May / 2007

Expert in Skeletal Muscle Ultrasound. Spanish Society of Medicine of the Dep orte.SEMEDE. 2014-2016

Assistant Professor of the SEMEDE Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Service (Spanish Society of Sports Medicine)


– Iontophoresis Course. Ramón y Cajal Hospital. Madrid. 1993.

– V National Conference of Sports Traumatology Murcia. 1992.

– Functional Bandages Course. Ramón y Cajal Hospital. Madrid .1991.

– II Course »Morphofunctional Sciences Applied to Sport. Cádiz 1991.

– II Course »Knee Pathology» Icatme Foundation. Barcelona. 1988.

– Course “News in Sports Traumatology.” Hospital Virgen del Rocío. Granada. 1993.

– Course »News on Traumatology and Sports Medicine.”. Icatme Foundation. Barcelona 1990.

– I Monographic Meeting on Heart and Sport. Zaragoza. 1992.

– Course “Sports Traumatology.” Icatme Foundation. 1989.

– V Icatme Knee Pathology Course. Barcelona. 1990.

– National Symposium of Sports Traumatology. Mapfre Madrid. 1989.

– Course »Traumatology in School Sports” University of Murcia. 1992.

– International Course “Sports Inflammations and Injuries” (Ramón y Cajal Hospital. Madrid. 1991.

– I Icatme Course »Update on Wrist and Hand Pathology» Barcelona. 1990.

– National Symposium on News in Sports Medicine. Granada. 1993.

– Conference of Urgencies in Sport, Icatme, Barcelona, ​​1991.

– I World Congress of Sports Nutrition, Barcelona 1991.

– V National Congress of Femede Pamplona 1993.

-VI National Congress of Femede 1995

-VII National Congress of Femede. Valladolid.

  1. -VIII European Congress of Sports Medicine Granada 1995.

– Course “Direction of Radiodiagnostic Installations» Cádiz 1995

– Course “Manual Medicine of Cervical Column.» Zaragoza. December 1996.

– Course »Manual Medicine of Dorsal Column “Zaragoza. February 1997.

– Course of Manual Medicine of Lumbar Column.” Zaragoza. April 1997.

– Course “Manual Medicine of Pelvic Waist.” Zaragoza June 1997.

– Periods of stay at the Catalan Institute of Sports Traumatology in Barcelona

(Prof. Dr. Mª Villarubias)

– X National Conference of Sports Traumatology. Ucam Murcia 2000.

– XIII Doctoral Course «Knee Injuries» Department of Surgery. University of Valencia. 2000.

– Sports Traumatology of the 21st century in football. XIV Doctoral Course. Valencia.

2001 – I Course “Medical Aspects of Sport Diving. Andalusian Sports Institute Málaga. 2001

– XXI International Course of Pathology of the Knee. Fremap Madrid. 2001

– XXI National Conference of Sports Traumatology. Murcia. 2001

– XI National AMEF Congress of Sports Traumatology in Soccer. PhD course Valencia. 2001

– Congress of the Galician Association of Sports Medicine. XXI Conference ANAMEDE. Galicia. 2001

– II European Congress of Sports Medicine IX Femede Congress I Ibero-American Congress. Oviedo 2001

– International Ankle Traumatology Course. Cemtro Clinic. Madrid. 2002.

– 3rd European Congress of Sports Traumatology. Madrid .2004

– RCD LACORUÑA Centennial Congress (Health Sciences in Soccer).

A Coruña. October 2006.

– VI SETRADE Congress. (Accidents in Water Sports). Valencia. May. 2007Organizing


-XXX FIMS World congress of sport medicine. Barcelona. November 2008

-Training as a surgical assistant in the trauma service of the USP hospital in Marbella (1 day a week) from December 2010 to May / 2010.

-XIII Biannual Congress of the Spanish Society of Sports Traumatology. Cádiz May 2013 –

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Course. Level A. Expert in Anatomy-Ultrasound. FEMEDE Madrid. October 2013

-Echography-Muscle-Skeletal Course. Level B. Expert in Diagnostic Ultrasound.

FEMEDE Madrid. June. 2014

-Course of Continuing Education for the Performance of Medical Recognitions of Fitness for Sportsmen of Underwater Activities. SAMEDE. November .2015.

– Course of Ultrasound-Muscle-Skeletal. Level C. Expert in interventional ultrasound in the musculoskeletal system. FEMEDE Madrid. February .2016

– Expert Title in Skeletal Muscle Ultrasound. SAMEDE. Pomegranate. November 2016

– 5Th Ismec International Course New Trends in Sport Medicine: Teamwork.Ismec .Seviolla. February 2017

– Peri and articular infiltration. Foundation Iavante SAS. Pomegranate. January 2018


– Course «AIDS in the practice of general medicine. «Institute of Microbiological Analysis. Málaga 1986.

– Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Malaga. April 1987.

– Course «Clinical and psychosocial intervention in the elderly» 240 hours. Fundación ICEPPS September “December 1995

– Course« Palliative care and psychosocial intervention in terminally ill patients »240 hours. ICEPPS Foundation. March – June 1997.

– Course “Public Health and Health Education” 260 hours. ICEPPS Foundation September – December 1996

– Course – Workshop «Prescription quality of medicines» SAS Algeciras February 1998

– Course «Acting on Diabetes and Vascular Risk Factors» SAS March – May 1998

– Course «Palliative care: Comprehensive care for terminally ill patients (II) »300 teaching hours. ICEPPS Foundation. April-June. 2000.

– Course “Occupational risk prevention, basic level”. Mutua de Ceuta .2002

– Course “Health surveillance, bodily harm and permanent and temporary disabilities”

Instituto Formutua. May. 2004.

– Course “Electrocardiography and related techniques”. Exmo. Official College of Physicians of Cádiz. April 2011

– Course “Advanced Life Support”. SAS May / 2011

– Course “Medical attention to polytrauma.” SAS May / 2011

– Course “Pediatric and Neonatal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation”. SAS September / 2011

– Course “Integrated care process for vascular risk”. SAS November / 2011.

– Course “Extrahospital fibrinolysis in acute coronary syndrome with ST elevation”. SAS March 2012.

– Course “Training in outpatient care of patients with vascular brain attack”. SAS April / 2012.

– Course “Training for sedation in the critical hospital extra patient.” Iavante Foundation. November 2012.

– Course “Emergency EKG Training”. Iavante Foundation. November 2012.

– Course “Initial support for severe trauma.” Iavante Foundation. November 2012.

– “I Cadiz pneumological conference in primary care”. Cadiz Medical College. November 2012

– “Training for sedation in the critical hospital extra patient”. Iavante Foundation. December 2012.

– Course “Basic training in palliative care”. Sas. May 2013.

– Course “Diabetological therapeutic education.” Sas. May.2013

– Course “Advanced Life Support” Sas. April 2014

– Course “Proper use of antidepressants in primary care”. Sas. March. 2014

– Course “Pirasoa Program. Proper use of antimicrobials in respiratory infections. ” SAS October 2014.

– Course “Update on the management of severe trauma”. SAS March 2015.

– Course “Advanced Life Support”. SAS April .2015

– Course “Initial support for severe trauma”. SAS May. 2015

– Immediate Life Support Course in Severe Trauma. Iavante Foundation. April 2016

– Professor of Skeletal Muscle Ultrasound of the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine since 2015 teaching periodically with Professors Fernando Jiménez and Anthony Bouffard.


– Medical assistant emergency department at Marbella Clinic of surgery and traumatology. 1986-1987.

– General surgery assistant. Marbella Clinic 1986-1987.

– Surgery assistant as a substitute interim at the SAS in Marbella in August / 1986.

– Emergency doctor at Windsor Polyclinic in Fuengirola. 1986-1987

– Associate doctor of the La Campana Emergency Center. Marbella. 1986-1987.

– General practitioner and emergency medicine as a substitute interim for the SAS. Campo de Gibraltar

District. 1991-1996 – General practitioner as interim substitute for the ISM. 1992-1995.

– Vacant interim doctor of general medicine and emergency of the SAS in the Health Center of Tarifa. 1996-2001.

– Physician of the traumatology service of occupational accidents of the Mutua de Ceuta from October 2001 to June / 2008 (Voluntary leave). (Diagnosis and treatment of occupational accidents and traffic-labor).

– Interim doctor of the Traumatology Service of the Hospital Punta Europa de Algeciras del SAS. November and December 2005.

– Dr. J. L Pérez-Navarro Medical Center in Tarifa with daily consultation from 1988 to the present.

-Private judicial medical examinations, and as an independent collaborator of Mutua Gallega., Mutua de Ceuta, Asepeyo. Mutua Madrileña, etc.

-Perito medical partner of Sportclinic. (Traumatology Service of the USP Hospital in Marbella).

-Boss of the Medical Services of the Basketball Club Villa de los Barrios (LEB gold)

Seasons 2006 / 2007,2007 / 2008 and 2008/2009.

-Boss of the Medical Service of the sanitary company Fernando Romero Salud (Medical service of work for occupational accidents in the Thermal Power Station of San Roque) from July 1, 2009 until completion of work on October 31, 2010.

-Medical of the service of extra hospital emergencies of the SAS. (DECCU) in the Health Center of Tarifa (Cádiz) since 04/01/2011 and continues.

-Teacher of Skeletal Muscle Ultrasound in courses with the Chair of Skeletal Muscle Ultrasound of the UCAM (Catholic University San Antonio de Murcia and SAMEDE (Spanish Society of Sports Medicine). Teachers Don Fernando Jiménez and Don Anthony Boffard.


Since 1988 founder and director of the center where we have the following services:

-Medicine and sports traumatology

– General medicine

– Traumatological emergencies

– Specialized in medicine and traumatology of water sports such as diving, windsurfing, sailing

– Damage assessment corporal and judicial medical examination

– Rehabilitation and physiotherapy service (General, traumatological, sports, labor and traffic) –

Assessment, treatment and monitoring of traffic accidents

– Labour accidents Center established since 1990 with Mutua de Asepeyo, Cesma Mutua Ceuta, Ibermutuamur, Fraternity, and MC Mutual.

– Xray

– muscle scan

– 24-hour Emergency Service located throughout the year.



– Oral communication “Windsurf injuries funboard mode” National Days of Sports Traumatology. Murcia 1992

– Oral communication “Injuries of the lower limb in Windsurfing” V Femede Congress. Pamplona 1993

– Oral communication “ankle injuries in Windsurfing.” VI Femede Congress VIII European Congress of Sports Medicine. Granada 1995

– Oral communication “Windsurfing Injuries” II European Congress of Sports Medicine Oviedo. November 2001.

– Oral communication “Knee injuries in windsurfing” II European Congress of Sports Medicine. Oviedo November 2001.

– Oral communication “Mediotarsian Pathology in Windsurfing: Footstrap Syndrome” XXI National Days of Sports Traumatology. Murcia April 2002.

– Oral communication “Chondro chin injuries in Windsurf: diagnosis and treatment” XXI National Conference of Sports Traumatology. Murcia April 2002.

– Oral communication. “Organization of Health Services in Nautical Competitions” VI Setrade Congress. Valencia. May 2007.

-Oral communication. ”Mediotarsian lesions in Windsurfing.” VI Seminary Samede. Cádiz June 2015


– “Foots Injuries in Windsurfing”. 3 Rd European Congress of Sport Traumatology. Madrid. 2004

– “Middle Tarsian Pathology in Windsurfing. Footstrap Syndrome ”Valencia.May.2007


-“ Organization of Health Services in Maritime Sports ”XI National Conference of Sports Traumatology Murcia. 2002

 -“ Windsurf Injuries ”Conference of Sports Traumatology. Valencia. 2003

 – “Ankle and Foot Injuries in Windsurfing”. 1st National Conference on Traumatology of Strait Sports ”Algeciras. 2004.

 – “Windsurf Traumatology” In VI Setrade Congress. Valencia. May. 2007.

 – “Prevention of injuries in amateur cruise races” .VI Samede seminar. Cádiz June 2015


»Injuries and injuries in water sports«

Course taught as a teacher at the Spanish School of Sports Traumatology.

Belonging to the University Specialist in Sports Traumatology course. 4th

Promotion, 8 teaching hours.


– “Windsurfing injuries” 229 Author page. Published by the Spanish School of Sports Traumatology. 2nd Monograph. Murcia. March 2004. (First monograph on windsurf traumatology published in the world).

– “Monograph:” Accidents in Water Sports “19 pag. Author. Menarini Laboratories May 2007.

– “The Traumatologist on board” Author. In the elaboration phase currently 8 chapters elaborated.

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